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The Ultimate James Taylor Tribute

Welcome to the official site of Sweet Baby James… If you love the music of James Taylor, then you’re in the right place! Sweet Baby James is the best, most authentic-sounding James Taylor tribute band in the U.S. Most important to our sound are the spot-on lead vocals by frontman Bill Griese. SBJ show-goers say time and time again: “The only person who sounds more like James Taylor is the actual James Taylor!” But don’t take our word for it: You be the judge…

Because you can’t always catch JT on tour…

Who doesn’t love the songs of James Taylor? Fire and Rain, Sweet Baby James, You’ve Got a Friend? JT’s songs and lyrics have become part of the fabric of American music and culture. James Taylor’s Greatest Hits was of course one of the best selling albums. And as one of America’s greatest troubadours, James has been a an official tour warrior over his entire career. But one can’t always catch a JT show live. Based on his tour schedule, your location, budget, and so many other factors. Some folks don’t get to see a James Taylor concert as often as they’d like — and some, not at all! That’s why there’s Sweet Baby James, the official James Taylor Tribute.

The next best thing to seeing James Taylor himself…

If you love the songs and lyrics of JT, they you’ll love Nashville-based Sweet Baby James. Bill’s voice is so much like James’ that fans are always saying “If I close my eyes, I think I’m listening to James Taylor himself!” Most importantly, Sweet Baby James delivers the songs, lyrics, and arrangements in such an authentic, official, and emotional way. What’s more, we have a solid band of Nashville musicians who deliver. Incorporating the Greatest Hits and the deep-cut songs, SBJ will give you a tour of this iconic troubadours’ music you won’t soon forget. And if you’re looking for a more intimate option, Bill also does a solo-acoustic show.

So if you’re a fan, catch a performance, If you’re a booker, buyer, or organizer, book Sweet Baby James. And if you want to know what’s coming, join our mailing list. Lot’s going on here at the official website of SBJ, including photos, videos, and more. So poke around, and be sure to say hi!

You’ve Got a Friend in Sweet Baby James!

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Nashville: Bill Griese is “Sweet Baby James” — paying tribute to one of our greatest troubadours, James Taylor. No one sounds more like JT! Others out there doing decent work: Stephen Boch (Taylor Made), Steve Leslie (How Sweet It Is), Sam Hyman (Troubadours), Greg Pitts (Fire & Rain), Neil Donell (Shower the People), Greg Johnson (Shower the People), Dave Kellan (Hourglass), Norman Vincent (Copperline), Kent Montigny (October Road). But Bill Griese is the original Sweet Baby James, who best of all sounds just like James Taylor!